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RC aircraft design thumb rules

Following document layouts some thumb rules for RC aircraft design.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Radio frequency for Aeromodelling in India

Here is the excerpts from frequency regulating authority in India. The source for the document is cited below the paragraph.

Following frequencies have been earmarked for various purposes in the citizen band:

Frequency (kHz) Type of Purpose
26964, 26972, 27036, 27124 Personal Communication Relating to Hobbies
27250, 27260 Radio Controlled Toys/low power electric gadgets
27004, 27116, 27148, 27156, 27228 Aeromodelling
27140, 27204 ,26968, 26976 Mountaineering
27220, 27244 Radio Communication Relating To Sports Events
27012, 27028, 27172, 27212 Communication Requirement In Rural Areas



Communication Relating To Road Accident/Emergencies:
  1. Contacting Police
  2. Contacting Hospitals/Ambulance
26980, 27236 Communication Needs On Highways
27092, 27100 Communication Requirements Of Wild Life/Forest Conservation
27060, 27068 Life Saving Communication In Coastal Water/Rivers/Lakes
27076, 27084 Natural Disaster Relief
27020, 27108 For Special Radio Controlled Devices (Garage Door Openers, Safety Alarm Etc.)
27155, 27225 Radio control of models
26988, 26996, 27132 27164, 27180, 27188,

27196, 27252, 27268,27276

Spare Channels For Future Requirements


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A post about Indian Aeromodeller in Washingtonpost

A Nice Day to Fly, With Their Feet On the Ground


Beneath a pale winter sun, the white-and-orange aircraft climbs skyward until it is nearly vertical, then drops its nose like a hammer and begins what looks like a terminal spin. The pilot, Lavneet Gyani, keeps his cool. Expertly working the controls, he pulls the plane out of its spiral and brings it in for a safe if bouncy landing.

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An article on Indian Aeromodelling

The joy of making your toy fly
Unless you are headed for the airport, flying is probably not high on your list of random thoughts right now on a lazy Sunday as you clutch your coffee mug for company. But some enthusiasts from your neighbourhood are preparing to fly, without going anywhere near the airport. Checking the engines of their planes and helicopters, confirming if the fuel tank is loaded, examining the runway… or dirt tracks that double for it. They are flying remote-controlled planes.

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Aeromodelling Books

RC Airplane Books

RC airplane books can be very helpful with many aspects of the rc airplane hobby. These books can help you with everything from building your own plane from scratch, learning to fly, maintenance, and so much more. There are several thousand books written on the rc airplane subject, so I could not possibly be able to list them all here. But below I have listed the ones that I think are worthy of being read, and have gotten good reviews from other rc airplane hobbyist. These books are almost just as good as rc airplane magazines , but you don't need a subscription.

My Favorite Book

RC airplane bookModel Airplane secrets contains all the insider tips, techniques and secrets you need to know to go from beginner model airplane enthusiast to expert in no time! You will learn about the history of model airplanes, how to get started in the hobby, what accessories you need, how to avoid crashes, tips on all other aspects and much more.

RC Airplane Books for Beginner's

Getting Started in Radio Control Airplanes
All of your questions are answered in Getting Started in Radio Control Airplanes . This comprehensive, up-to-date book on rc building and flying techniques. The publishers of Model Airplane News take you step-by-step through the basics of choosing and building your first model, and then making it go. This is the first book I bought, and it is still teaching me!!

RC Pilot's Handbook Over 30 knowledgeable RC pilots share their contest-winning flying techniques in the RC pilot's handbook ! Go hangar flying with these guys and listen-in as they discuss pylon racing, thermal soaring, operating twin-engine aircraft, flying aerobatics, how to win flying contests, flying tail-draggers, avoiding crashes and a whole lot more.

RC Airplane Building Books

RC Airplane Workshop Secrets
Become a better modeler with the Workshop Secrets rc airplane books, one of the "Master Modeler" series. This volume is a collection of some of the very best building techniques that have been published in Model Airplane News magazine. Written by the pro's, these articles cover several aspects of airplane construction, from selecting the correct wood for your project to basic metal-working to advanced engine installation and setup. You'll find that the photo illustrated tips and techniques are easy to understand and apply in your own projects.

RC Airplane Finishing and Detailing RC airplane finishing and detailing is packed with more than 50 proven techniques to finish and detail your models. This rc airplane book is filled with tips on custom color mixing, covering and painting, rib stitching, scale markings, prepping, priming, canopies, engines, and so much more.

Basics of RC Model Aircraft Design Whether you want to improve the performance of your existing models, or start from scratch and design your own, Basics of RC model aircraft design offers concrete guidance and practical methods for improved model aircraft design. Everything from choosing the airfoils, to aerobatic design.

RC Airplane Building Techniques RC airplane building techniques has over 100 great how-to building and finishing techniques, with step-by-step photos and illustrations. There are many great tips for cutting, jigs, building wings, maintenance, control linkages, landing gear, tool ideas, and everything else that you should know.

Building and Flying RC Model Aircraft Building and flying RC model aircraft is a completely updated edition, and the advances in radio control technology and model aircrafts are addressed. It's an informative rc airplane book dealing with the types of models and radio control systems available, the materials and tools required for the building and installation. This book also tells the basics of learning to fly your aircraft.

RC Airplane Covering RC airplane covering is a how to guide for the beginner. If you want to make your rc airplane look great and fly smoother, then buy this book! Great tips and how to guide on covering and finishing your RC model airplane.

2 Stroke Glow Engines If you want a good beginner book on the subject of 2-stroke glow engines , then I recommend this book. Very informative and helpful in fixing your engines.

RC Glider & Sailplanes Books

RC Sailplanes and Electric Gliders
RC sailplanes and electric gliders is a great rc airplane book on building and flying rc gliders and sailplanes. If you are a beginner in the RC airplane hobby, RC sailplanes and gliders is a good starting point for you. This book will help you go down the right path.


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Quad rotor:

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

for RC Motor performance parameters

This is very good site having motor performance parameters for more than 1800 brushed and brushless motors. This is very good site for all the RC Aeromodellers, fliers. It will help you decide the powerplant for your new aircraft or will help you if you want to switch from "glow to electric".

Happy Aeromodelling...!!!

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A good site for Model reviews