Saturday, October 28, 2006

Aeromodelling for Beginners

How should I start Aeromodelling?? This question have been by asked all the Aeromodelers around the world when they began Aeromodelling; just that their mentor would have been different. Learning Aeromodelling is not like learning to play with a flying toy but lot more than that. It is an art for which you need not possess at the time of your birth. Now don't scare yourself by thinking that since I am not an artistic person, I won't be able to fly the plane. All you need to be is passionate with Aeroplanes and determination to become Aeromodel pilot. Somebody has said:

"It's neither theory nor experecience, it's curiosity and patience,
hard work and determination which makes something airborne" - AKS & GKG

Mind it, if you don't possess above mentioned qualities; you are not to become an Aeromodeller. Do something else....else you'll end up with nothing but a hole in your pocket and frustrated with Aeromodels.

The first basic thing you need to undestand is nothing in this world wants to leave the ground happily, except birds, hopefully. And if flown somehow then it wants to come back to ground whenever possible. So your plane do not want to go up in the air, it's you who force it to do so and always be attentive to make sure that it doesn't come back to ground unless you desire so.

Now there is wide variety of Aeromodels available in the market with varying complexities. To do the mastesr or doctrate in Aeromodelling, you need to start from class one.

Class 1:
First of all understand the basics of a plane. There are many websites which gives you very brief about Aeroplanes and how it flies. However there is one very interesting site:
Visit this website and I am sure you'll become Aerospace Engineer after reading it.

Class 2:
Catapult Gliders : There are many kits available for catapult gliders... They come in ready to fly condition.. u just have to place different pieces together and chuck it from hand from the help of a catapult. One example for the same is available here...
You can make one by are the plans

Class 3:
Powered Gliders : These are gliders with engine or electric motor and radio controlled. Most of the time they are very stable and easy to control. They fly at smaller speed and self correcting so that you develop your controlling skills without loosing your plane. However, it doesn't mean that gliders do not crash.

Class 4:
Radio Controlled Planes and Helicopters : Huhhhh.... Now you are at the first stage of becoming real Aeromodeller. From here, actual fun starts. Purchase a good learning model first and have fun with it and then advance to highly maneuverable Aeromodels and participate in the competitions.

I hope this article would help you in pursuing your hobby/interest. Pass it on to your friends if you find it useful.

!!!!........Happy Aeromodelling........!!!!


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Knowing the world without leaving of house. I was visiting the blog.

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Blogger subarna said...

teach me,,,plz!

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Blogger Qaiser Mehmood said...

A lot of people enjoy Aeromodelling and it's become quite an enjoyable sport as well. A lot of people take part in races with the models that they have made and it's certainly a very competitive sport. If you're at all interested in this kind of thing then it's a good idea to do some research to find out where to start.


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This is really a good article which made me so grateful .I m very thanks to you.

with reagrds
can you send me more information related to this


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